The Missing Power

The Missing Power

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Recent statistics on churches in America show that four thousand churches close every year, and only one thousand are planted. Every year, thousands of pastors leave the ministry discouraged, burnt out, and frustrated. Needless to say, countless church members no longer attend church, and a large number of Millenials are soured to the concept of institutionalized religion.

In The Missing Power, Dr. Macena demonstrates that the church in the book of Acts served the community in love ad unity, and it grew from a handful of scared disciples to thousands of followers. The remarkable advance of the church at that time only happened because they searched, claimed, persued, and allowed the power of the Holy Spirit to work and guide!

The book sets forth clearly what we need to know in order to be full of the Holy Spirit and part of a striving church in our community. If we are not fulfilling our purpose, it is because we are missing the mighty, extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit in our churches and our lives. 

Paperback. Copyright 2017. 170 pages.