SI Salud Integral Hogares de Esperanza y Salud DuoPack

SI Salud Integral Hogares de Esperanza y Salud DuoPack
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The Homes of Hope & Health series combines the latest current research with thrilling true stories, interactive activities and health, family and spiritual principles to create a power-packed resource for personal use, small groups, meetings, seminars and more! This set includes three exciting books with corresponding DVDs containing 29 topics on the relational, physical and spiritual factors of a health lifestyle complete with excellent word-for-word scripts and professional PowerPoint graphics as well as books for small group or personal use.


  • Balancing Act
  • Hope
  • Exercise
  • Sunlight
  • Forgiveness
  • Command Center
  • Nutrition I
  • Love I
  • Crisis I
  • Family Time
  • Appreciation
  • Genes
  • Commitment
  • Nutrition II
  • Communication
  • Freedom
  • Love II
  • Air
  • Social Support
  • New You
  • Joy
  • Rest
  • Conflict
  • Water I
  • Water II
  • Crooked Thinking
  • Crisis II
  • Trust
  • Finishing Strong

This set includes:

  • Hopes of Hope and Health Digi Pack
  • Getting Started - Homes of Hope and Health Book 1
  • Pressing Forward - Homes of Health and Hope Book 2
  • Finishing Strong - Homes of Hope and Health Book 3

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