Foods for Thought

Foods for Thought

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Can what you eat, combined with other lifestyle choices, influence how you think, act, and feel? Are lifestyle diseases linked with impaired mental processing and learning? Is restoration possible? See the dramatic story of how students' lives were transformed because of simple, safe lifestyle changes. Learn how to eat better, feel better, and think better! No matter what your age, discover how to energize your whole system and make your mental engine "purr" instead of "ping."

This colorful, user-friendly workbook includes:

  • Personal application sheets at the end of each chapter
  • Handy charts and tables
  • Special nutrition and lifestyle inserts
  • Delicious, easy, plant-based recipes
  • Inspiring stories of those who have made lifestyle changes
  • Full scientific referencing
  • Thought questions after each chapter

Paperback. 150 pages. Copyright 2009.