Living Free Hope TV: Mind-Body Health Connections

Living Free Hope TV: Mind-Body Health Connections

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Mind/body systems are connected—this is especially true with your brain and gut. Together, they work as a “relay team” that powerfully affect mood, depression, and anxiety, as well as energy, weight, immune health, and addictions. Discover “keystone” brain-gut strategies for building solid mental, physical, and spiritual health—for good!

Program Contents.

The Hope TV Living Free! Mind-Body Health Connections program contains a Facilitator Guide plus the following items for each of the 13 sessions:

  • PowerPoint Program for each of the 13 sessions.
  • Printable Summary and Discussion Guides for presenters and participants.
  • Printable Handouts for participants specific to each session.
  • Use the printed, 4-color Balanced Living Tracts for in-person seminars. 

Hope TV 30-minute Living Free! Series 

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