5A.1 Grades 9-12 - First Angel's Call to Identity Micro Unit - Three Angels Curriculum Teachers Kit

5A.1 Grades 9-12 - First Angel's Call to Identity Micro Unit - Three Angels Curriculum Teachers Kit

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Teacher’s Guide. 76-page, spiral bound, color manual with North American Division standards for integrated unit in Bible, history, and language arts. Lessons are centered on the first half of the First Angel’s message which calls us to “Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment has come.” Students are led to understand that we can face the judgment knowing we are covered by Jesus’ sacrifice for us; the significance of the judgment lies in the vindication of God’s character. This releases us from placing an undue emphasis on ourselves or judging others. We gain our identity in Christ, put aside self, make courageous choices and reach for higher levels of moral, upright living.

In Track 1, students complete the unit by conducting qualitative or quantitative research to determine feelings about the judgment in selected populations. In Track 2, students access the data from previous classes to design and carry out projects that will lead others to a proper understanding of God’s love in light of the First Angel’s judgment hour message.

Contains seven highly interactive lessons with step-by-step procedures, open-ended conversation starters, informational teaching points and relevant class applications. An additional three lessons are allocated for project-based learning. Lessons intended for block scheduling but may be divided to extend the unit over a longer timeframe.

Flash Drive. Contains complete teacher’s guide and eight slide presentations in Keynote and PowerPoint format including audio and video clips for instruction.

Three Angels for Today Journal. 32- page journal inviting students to respond to relevant life-issues through art, poetry, prayer, and personal reflection.

Flyer. Gives an overview of the microunits.

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