2A.10 Grades 3-4 Year A - Parent Kit - Three Angels Curriculum

2A.10 Grades 3-4 Year A - Parent Kit - Three Angels Curriculum

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This kit includes all materials required to teach the lessons plus student materials for one child.

Homeschool Parent Guide with lessons. Spiral bound, color manual with clear, step-by-step directions for homeschool families.  This engaging, student-friendly curriculum is based on the chapter book Beth and The Trio of Angels. The saga of fourth-grader Beth Andrews and her challenges at home and school provide a relevant setting for all students to explore the deeper issues of God’s love and the creative power and moral choices made by those who anticipate His soon return. While engaged in these lessons, students gain spir­itual insight and learn new tools for becoming more proficient readers and writers.

Contains 10 lesson plans covering 2-4 weeks of instruction in Bible and language arts and instructions on how to use the Reading Strategy Tool.

Reading Strategy Tool8.5” x 11” laminated, color, back-to-back sheet. Used by student to apply “slow motion” and “action” strategies to enhance reading skills.

Beth and the Trio of Angels. Heart-warming saga of a fourth-grade girl who struggles to do what is right and learns the significance of Revelation’s three-fold messages along the way. Blue Edition: Reading Level Grade 3.0 – 4.0. 122 pages.

Student journal.  32-page journal inviting children to think, reflect, write and draw in response to their assigned readings in Beth and the Trio of Angels.

Flash DriveContains complete teacher’s guide; Reading Strategy Tool; and instructional video for students explaining use of Reading Strategy Tool.

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