3A.4 Grades 5-6 Year A - Parents Kit - Three Angels Curriculum

3A.4 Grades 5-6 Year A - Parents Kit - Three Angels Curriculum

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This kit includes all materials required to teach the lessons plus student materials for one child. 

Homeschool Parent Guide with lessons. Spiral bound, color manual with clear, step-by-step directions for homeschool families.  Lessons share the incredible love of God as demonstrated in the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14, drawing your children closer to Jesus and equipping them to have the faith and courage to stand up for what’s right. By the end of the unit, students know how to effectively write an essay, using the provided sources to effectively develop Christian arguments on relevant issues pertaining to Revelation’s messages.

Contains 10 lesson plans covering 2-4 weeks of instruction for instruction in Bible and language arts; student handouts; and an assessment to evaluate the final student writing assignment.

10-Pak Essay Collection10 booklets, each containing fresh, inspiring stories with the same content on three different reading levels: 3rd-4th Grade (Blue), 5th-6th (Green), and 7th-8th (Lavender): Lost in the Jungle (14  pages), Off to China (14 pages), Showing Horses (11 pages), Jesus Our Judge (11 pages), Winged Wonders (11 pages), The Miracle of Bats (14 pages), Icy Escape (14 pages), Out of the Fire (14 pages), A Dark Night in Russia (15 pages), Unlikely Rescue (15 pages).

Flash DriveContains complete teacher’s guide and ten slide presentations in Keynote and PowerPoint format.

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